Loading takes forever?#

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import pandas as pd

from itables import show

df = pd.DataFrame()
tags = (
    '<caption style="caption-side: bottom">A table that does not load, due '
    "to <code>init_notebook_mode</code><br>not being called in this document</caption>"

show(df, connected=False, tags=tags)
A table that does not load, due to init_notebook_mode
not being called in this document
Loading ITables v2.1.2 from the init_notebook_mode cell... (need help?)

If a table says “Loading…” forever, then maybe

  • You forgot to run init_notebook_mode (like in the example above), or you deleted that cell or its output

  • Or you ran init_notebook_mode(connected=True) but you are not connected to the internet?


If you change the value of the connected argument in the init_notebook_mode cell, you need to re-execute all the cells that display interactive tables.

Trust your notebook#

It could also be that your notebook is not trusted. This happens when you have not run the notebook in full yourself (e.g. the notebook was sent to you with outputs, or the notebook was created by a tool like papermill). In that case, JavaScript code cannot run (and the interactive tables won’t display) until you tell Jupyter that you trust the notebook content (run “Trust Notebook” in View / Activate Command Palette).

Check ITables’ version#

If the above does not help, please check out the ChangeLog and decide whether you should upgrade itables. You can tell the version of ITables that you are using by looking at the loading message (from ITables v2.0.1 on) or by running this code snippet:

import itables as it