Supported Editors#

itables has been tested in many development environments.

Jupyter Notebook#

Try it on Notebook

Jupyter Lab#

Try it on Lab

Jupyter NB convert#

The tables are still interactive when you download the notebook as an HTML file, or when you execute jupyter nbconvert --to html.

Jupyter Book#

The tables are interactive in interactive books powered by Jupyter Book, see e.g. the ITables documentation.

Google Colab#

A short sample notebook is available here

VS Code#

In VS Code, itables works both for Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts.


In PyCharm we recommend to call init_notebook_mode with the connected=True argument, because otherwise the notebooks do not display the interactive tables when they are reloaded.


ITables works well with Quarto - check out our html and revealjs examples.

Exporting a DataFrame to an HTML table#

To get the HTML representation of a Pandas DataFrame df as an interactive DataTable, you can use to_html_datatable as below:

from itables import to_html_datatable
from itables.sample_dfs import get_countries

df = get_countries()
html = to_html_datatable(df)

Using ITables in Shiny#

You can use ITables in Web applications generated with Shiny for Python with e.g.

from shiny import ui

from itables.shiny import DT


See also our tested examples.

ITables won’t work in Dash because jQuery is not usable in Dash (see the Dash FAQ).